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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I am ordering on behalf of a company (or organization). Can we place an order and pay by check?
  2. I received my order and installed the cartridge, but get a "message low ink or replace ink cartridge". Why does this happen?
  3. Can I ship to your company the empty cartridges to recycle? Do you provide a shipping label?
  4. Do you ship to Canada or other International destinations?
  5. Do you re-fill cartridges?
  6. Will remanufactured and/or compatible products work in my printer?
  7. Will these remanufactured or compatible cartridges damage my printer or void the warranty?
  8. If a remanufactured or compatible cartridge does not work can I return it?
  9. Where will my order ship from?
  10. What does it mean "Call for price and availability"?
  11. How long does the standard free shipping usually take?